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The Reel Story on IGTV

Y'all like my little play on words there in the headline? Yea, I know. 😊 Today I'm breaking down the differences between IG Stories, IG Reels and IGTV.

People love to watch others living their lives. They don’t really care too much about reading these days 😒. So when you really want to build up your audience and influence, you have to get in front of the camera!

But where should you post the video content when Instagram gives you so many choices?

Here’s the tea:

 IG Stories

I’m sure everyone already knows this one, so we’ll start here. When Snapchat became the playground for sex workers, IG stories became more popular. (No shade; we show love to the working girls too.)






Stories are for temporary pics and videos. You can spontaneously share bits of your day without worrying about how they fit into your brand because in 24 hours, the evidence gets deleted anyway. You can stay in front of your audience without overpopulating your feed with irrelevant or random posts. Simply put, IG Stories are the best way to stay fresh on your followers' minds.

Throw in a poll in there or make a cute video concerning the latest trending hashtag for more views and engagement.


IG Reels

If you want your video content to stay posted, take to the Reels. Reels is basically IG’s version of TikTok. There’s a lot of dancing going on in the Reels section, but people are also doing the short voiceover skits, Before & After looks and quick motivational messages. Get in where you fit in – as long as it fits into a 15 second clip.

Since Reels is so new, you may get better results from posting a Reel than with posting a Story if you are in a crowded industry like makeup, hair and nails (although press on nails is a lesser crowded niche – for now).



Continuing this theme of IG stealing other platforms’ steelo (that's the real story)… IGTV is Insta’s answer to YouTube. This is where your long form video content goes. If you want to drop a whole vlog, do it on IGTV. Just make sure you keep it under 10 minutes. If you mess around and record a video in vertical format, IGTV is the perfect place to drop the footage. While the petty Betties over on YouTube will AUDACIOUSLY complain about how you should’ve recorded in landscape, IGTV actually prefers the vertical.







In the end, one thing we know is that Instagram ain’t letting up off of ANY of these social media platforms. Word on the streets is they have a new audio chat feature coming, a la Clubhouse. And the Androids are invited, so you know it’s gonna be a very urban affair! 🥴

We’ll keep you posted as developments occur, right here in The Press Room.

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